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Procurement Policy

Our procurement process involves various steps, including quantification, sourcing, pricing and ensuring timely delivery of products and services to the central location and compliance with donor’s policies.

Our Procurement Policy for good procurement practice is used in the design and management of our supply systems. This policy follows well-established principles developed from experience with essential aid agencies systems globally, by five strategic objectives:

  • selection of reliable suppliers of high-quality products;
  • procurement of the most cost-effective products in the right quantities;
  • ensuring timely delivery;
  • ensuring transparency in sourcing, pricing and the management of supplies;
  • providing an early warning system for users about potential or actual problems in the supply chain which will affect the short-term or long-term availability of product and services.

This Policy enters into force as of September 1, 2017, and must be implemented by all Asia Minor employees, officers, directors, and affiliates.

Please contact us for more information on our Principles

Inclusion and Equality Policy

Asia Minor is strongly committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion. Our work is centered on building meaningful, enduring and respectful relationships across different cultures, communities and aid organizations.

We are impartial, and we work with people regardless of their gender, race, religion or political association.

We perform our activities with a commitment to equality, inclusion and valuing diversity.

Our Inclusion and Equality policy set out how we approach the challenges of mainstreaming equality, diversity, and inclusion internationally. Which means we try to make it a part of everything we do.

We have developed a range of tools and initiatives to help us build diversity into our work.

This Policy enters into force as of September 1, 2017, and must be implemented by all International Networking Institute employees, officers, directors, and affiliates.

Please contact us for more information on our “Inclusion and Equality Policy.”

Conflict of Interest Policy 

Our Conflict of Interest Policy explains the relevant principles and rules for preventing or managing conflicts of interest and how such principles and norms are to be implemented.

Asia Minor is committed to conducting business in a manner that ensures undue personal interests do not influence our employees, officers, directors and affiliates’ business judgment and decision making.

A conflict of interest situation arises when the personal interests of our employees, officers, directors and affiliates may influence, have the potential to affect, or are perceived to influence their decision making at Asia Minor.

This Policy contains Asia Minor standards globally applicable. However, in some countries, more stringent applicable laws and regulations will supersede the principles presented in our Conflict of Interest Policy.

Human Resources Policy

Asia Minor’s “Human Resources Policy offers comprehensive details about our Human Resources policies, procedures, and forms.

The policy provides supervisors and staff with access to consistent information to assure fair and coherent application of the policies. Our HR policies are to be approved, published and distributed among the associates.

The Human Resources Policy is designed to serve the following needs:

  • To provide access to pertinent resources necessary for successful employment;
  • To foster communication and promote understanding between staff and their supervisors;
  • To provide a review of our human resource policies, procedures, and benefit programs;
  • To assist in the development of sound and consistent human resource practices and resources with Asia Minor’s respective community.

The Human Resources Policy is divided into separate sections as follows:

  • Recruitment, Hiring, & Transferring
  • Diversity & Institutional Equity
  • Workplace Expectations & Guidelines
  • Staff Development
  • Benefits
  • Pay Administration
  • Payroll
  • Time Away From work
  • Workplace Health & Safety

Each section contains relevant policies, forms, and contacts. Additionally, any question or topic not addressed in the Human Resources Policy should be addressed by a supervisor or HR management representatives.